The Retail Social-ista Next Door
...everything I know I learned while shopping!
The Retail Social-ista Next Door

Branding Begins With Passion

I have just finished reading Chris Brogan's eBook entitled "Personal Branding for the Business Professional" and it is a MUST read! This eBook is for everyone who wants to know how to succeed, PERIOD. In his eBook, Chris has included tools and sites that will h ...<< MORE >>

How to get more out of a Group

Now that we have opened Pandora's box and started unloading a bunch of social media tools that make conversation, collaboration, and communication easier, why has our conversation still not started? I have been out riding the waves ...<< MORE >>

Where is the 'Point of Purchase' for Vendors?

I have 1 question! How am i suppose to let people know what i have to offer, if nobody wants advertising anymore? OK, that does not sound right but i think you get it. I blogged some time ago about my purchase of Tivo because i too, like so many others, have opted not to watch the ads anymore ...<< MORE >>

Starting the conversation

"If you want to truly understand the times, you need to be interacting with the rest of the world!" (Lee Kent 9/1/2008)

Sound ominous? It does to me and let me tell you why. Should you relate to any of what i have to say, then listen on and see how we might overcome this together.

Here it is in a nutshell...I'm shy! ...<< MORE >>

Let me Introduce Myself with Social Media

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been off exploring (another word for shopping) the world of social media and trying to figure out what it might mean to us in Retail. Aside from the obvious ...<< MORE >>

Take 10 in your Atrium and Connect

I will call this my Education phase for now and will focus on bringing you information that might help you better understand the concepts of social networking and how they might benefit you.

Let me begin with a little story that held a lot of 'in-site' for me. About a year or so ago, our Church went on a major capital fund raising campaign to build some additions to the Church. One would be a building for teens which would be located across the street from the main Church, next would be ...<< MORE >>

What I Learned about Social Networking - Part II


...<< MORE >>

What I Learned about Social Networking - Part I

followers! The Shopper Next Door has returned from a long sebatical and
hopefully has much to share with all of you. I know this platform is
not the best for blogging but as soon as i can scrape up some moolah, i
will be upgrading the Blog module of this Center. If you are so
inclined to help me out, look for the Donate button on the Concierge
page and make a kindly (generous ) donation. It will be much

to tell you about my quest. I went away to learn all about social media
and to find the ...<< MORE >>

they like me, they really like me!

I have just returned from the Big Show in New York and i am still spinning from all the excitement i felt this year! The theme was "Set Retail in Motion" and believe me, you could feel the motion. The booths were more exciting as well as engaging and many of the topics were made to standing room only crowds! Now why do you suppose this is??? Well, i am anxious to share my opinion about this. First off, i felt the confidence. For the first time in oh so many years, it seemed that the ...<< MORE >>

Oh what's a retail minded Diva to do?

As my following of readers knows, I love to shop and I firmly believe that everything I know, I learned while shopping! With this in mind, you no doubt are convinced that I am well qualified to talk to you about Retail! Did I also mention that I have an opinion, about EVERYTHING! Let me pontificate....With the introduction of the WalMart factor and the 'find anything at the best price on the internet' factor, cost has been removed from the equation and brand distinction has become everything. The problem is, our latest information about consumers ...<< MORE >>